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These six major areas guiding my work as a Mystic and as CEO for the Institute Sound of Shells.

“Mind and breath are coming from the same source. Thinking is the essence of the mind, the "I" thought, the ego, is the first thought. So ego and breath have the same source. Therefore, as soon as the mind becomes still, the breath is still, and conversely, as soon as the breath is controlled, the mind becomes still.”

Ramana Maharshi


shamanism  is probably the oldest cultural path for spiritual experiences and healing. Shamans interpret the signs of nature, mediate between visible and invisible reality. They see themselves and others as part of nature and experience nature as "souled". 

Diseases have their origin in the violation of the rules of nature (spirits). The shaman balances these spirits and restores harmony.

spiritual breathing therapy

In the field of spiritual breath work the connection between breath, sound and intention creates self healing processes. Mindfulness and the connection between body, mind and soul has the major role. The path is designed to make it possible to experience deep inner peace, connection to oneself and to creation. Experiencing nondual or transcendent spheres is a gift of creation.

Tibetan Buddhism

The pillars are the 4 noble truths and the practice of the noble eightfold path and meditation. To escape from the cycle of samsara requires the development of ethical conduct, samadhi and compassion, which can lead to enlightenment in any practitioner. This is a transcendent state that can be realized by anyone.

Whole Presence

Helping people rise above the 3D challenges and density.
Access the power and clarity of your own Soul Presence.
Align with your multidimensional Core Self.


Just as all the universities of the world teach the same scientific principles which can be practically proved, so all true religious schools, if they followed the path of Kriya, would realize that it is the scientific highway to the infinite.

Paramahansa Yogananda


Toosmo is the original form of Reiki, which Ansalaa Suldiaa  Synaa gave into this world. Toosmo activates the self-healing powers and is aimed at raising the vibrations of the NEW TIME/ the new consciousness.

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