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Music is the universal  language of mankind 

baroque trumpet

"I love historical instruments  and the fascinating, different sound they have. Significantly different from the sound of today's modern instruments. My musician heart belongs to  music before 1830."

indigenous musical instruments

Music is a universal form of expression for us humans. Drums, flutes, rattles and stringed instruments have been around us for thousands of years. Using them in different contexts enriches me as a musician. 

conch shell playing

The shell is a sacred instrument of ancient cultures. Vishnu, who is considered the creator and sustainer of the world, pervades with the sound of the conch shell, which is closely associated with the sound OHM, everything. I use the shell in the field of spiritual breathing therapy and as a wisdom keeper

Vereinigung Alte Musik

The Vereinigung Alte Musik (VAM), founded in 2012, is the first and only professional representation for early music artists in Germany. I am  founding member.

Hanse Barock

The ensemble consists of musicians, who have worked in the field of historical performance for years together. The repertoire ranges from the early baroque duo to the symphony orchestra strength of Mendelssohn.

Hanse-Barock is characterized by passion, energy, quality and collegiality. The musicians are interested in the intensive, articulated and colorful interplay, which is particularly possible with historical instruments.

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