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The somatic breathing therapy

Your individual wishes and complaints are the focus of breath education. That is why this special approach starts with a detailed initial consultation: Here we record your life situation , analyze your breathing movements and your breathing pattern and show you breathing exercises that you can carry out comfortably at home.

Natural breathing is the focus of somatic breathing therapy. With the help of  Breathing training and breathing exercises , as you practice singers or brass players, the  natural breathing  strengthened. Through practice you change old breathing habits and find your way back to natural breathing.

  • Breath pattern analysis

  • breathing training

  • breathing exercise


The integrative respiratory therapy

Many people are unaware of the effect of the breath on the body, on body sensation and emotions. With integrative breathing therapy, we sensitize you to the effects of breathing on the body, bodily sensations and emotions . Visualization and perception exercises are also used , in which you listen to your body and feel the positive effects yourself.

  • Effect of the breath on the body

  • Effect of breath on body sensation

  • effect of breath on  emotions 

The spiritual breathing therapy

In the field of spiritual breathing therapy, the connection between breath, sound and intention works . Mindfulness and the connection between body, mind and soul play an important role here. The path is designed to make it possible to experience deep inner peace, connection to oneself and to creation. Experiencing nondual or transcendent experiences is a gift of creation.

  • Effect of connecting breath, sound and intention

  • Effect of connecting body, mind and soul

  • effects of mindfulness and love

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